Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Garfield/Stranger Things Mashups

I have done a lot of sketches, this year.  Several of them, that I really enjoyed working on recently, were my Garfield/Stranger Things mash-ups.  To see my individual sketches, that I used to create the image, on the left, check out my Instagram.

Like most kids, I liked to color, but I remember really starting to draw, in first grade. I loved Garfield, and I would trace various images of Garfield that I had.  Until the day came that I could, just draw Garfield.

I remember, once in fourth grade, another kid and I had a free hand Garfield drawing contest, in Mrs. Cobb's class.  I don't remember who we had judge our little contest, and I honestly don't remember, which of us won.  Since I don't remember, it makes me want to say that he probably won.


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