Random City Podcast

"The Random City Podcast" from Jimmy in GA is a podcast dedicated to all things pop culture.  Jimmy in GA, the blogger, host and producer of the show, has been actively podcasting since 2009, but has been involved in the podcasting community, since 2007.  Jimmy got his start in podcasting through his church that year.  After learning about the new medium of podcasts, with early podcasts such as the official LOST podcast and the LOST Podcast with Jay and Jack, Jimmy implemented a podcast at his church of the pastor's weekly sermons.  Since starting The Random City Podcast Jimmy has gone on to produce several podcasts which include What Is the Event PodcastThe Falling Skies Cast17th Precinct PodcastSupernatural Cast and now The Muppets Podcast.  All of the various podcasts are collected in the Jimmy in GA Radio feed in iTunes or can be found on the Jimmy in GA artist page in iTunes.

Random City Podcast Posts on JimmyinGA.com.

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