Sunday, November 19, 2017

Copic Marker Alternative Reviews: Part 1

I have been sketching with Copic markers, for almost a year.  Thus far, I have collected 65 of the 358 Copic Sketch Markers.  As my Copic obsession has grown, I have also been looking for cheaper alternatives to Copics.  However, I want those cheaper markers to be able to do two things.  I want to be able to use them in conjunction with my Copics, which is the easy part, but more importantly, I want them to blend with my Copics.

Over the last few months, I have reviewed some of these other markers that I have found, on my YouTube Channel.  None of these reviews were sponsored.  I just want to find something that works well with my Copics, and I thought that I would share my findings.

The first was the Artist Loft Sketch Markers, that are available at Michael's.  The markers looked nice.  The brush nib looked similar.  The colors on the paper were nice, but they would not blend with the Copics.

After this video, I continued using them sparingly, and the results were not good.  The brush tip on these markers seems to want to pull apart.  In addition, there is not very much ink, in these markers.  I do not recommend these markers.

The second type of marker that I reviewed were the Ohuhu Markers, available at Amazon.  These markers are roughly $0.50 each, which is a great price, and they come in a nice variety of colors.  These would be better, if they had a brush nib, instead of the fine point.  They will blend with one another.  Something to look out for if you order these, of the 40 makers in my set, one was dry upon arrival.

I do recommend these just because they are so cheap, and they work similarly to the Copics.  However, in my experience, the blending with Copics was minimal, at best.

The third brand of markers that I found and tested were the Sharpie Brush Tip Markers.  These markers cost a little more than a $1, each.  At the time of this blog post, the set of 12 is currently only $12.89, on Amazon.

These markers exceeded my expectations, and I was happy to see that they would blend with each other, and I very surprised that these actually blended with similar colors, in my Copic collection!  I highly recommend these markers.  The only down side is that they aren't refillable, but since they're so inexpensive, I don' think that really matters.

I will continue to look for more markers that I can use with my Copics, and I will continue to post reviews.  Thanks for reading and watching!

Jimmy in GA

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