Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Episode 5 of The Muppets Podcast is Available Now

In the fifth episode of The Muppets Podcast.  We take a look at several of the latest news stories in The Muppets Podcast News Flash including the upcoming Fraggle Rock movie, the new BBC show No Strings Attached, the Frog and Toad animated film, and much more.  We talk about another trip to Downtown Disney.  We also share some of your feedback.. You can subscribe in iTunes.

Show Notes:
0:00 - Intro
2:07 - Muppet Talk
4:12 - Muppets NewsFlash
4:40 - NewsFlash - Fraggle Rock Movie
7:07 - NewsFlash - No Strings Attached Coming to BBC1
9:12 - NewsFlash - Frog and Toad Movie
9:58 - NewsFlash - IGN article
12:35 - NewsFlash - X-Muppets
13:15 - NewsFlash - Chaos Muppets
15:42 - Feedback
22:46 - Contact Us
24:18 - Outro

ou can e-mail us at You can call us at (302) 4MUPPET. You can tweet us at @MuppetsPodcast. You can Find us on Facebook and also Find us on Google+.

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